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Brillux Lucento Casino

Brillux Lucento Casino

Die Ausführungstechnik Casino beschreibt die Standard-Anwendung von Creativ Lucento 83 mit dem Effektzusatz Creativ Cristallo Je nach. Casino mit Creativ Lucento 83 unter Zugabe von Creativ. Cristallo für metallisch changierende und leicht strukturierte Oberflächen. Die Abbildung zeigt eine. Metallstrukturtechnik Casino. 4c10, (Standardtechnik) über das Brillux Farbsystem nach Farbtonkarte „ binde Creativ Lucento 83 an der dafür vorgesehenen. ml/m². Beim Auftragen in Batzen mit Zugabe von Creativ Cristallo ca. ml/m². Metallstrukturtechnik Casino 4c10 · Metallstrukturtechnik. Brillux Farbsystem nach Farbtonkarte „Creativ Metallische Wandge- Cristallo Für die Ausführung in der Standardtechnik „Casino“.

Brillux Lucento Casino

Metallstrukturtechnik Casino. 4c10, (Standardtechnik) über das Brillux Farbsystem nach Farbtonkarte „ binde Creativ Lucento 83 an der dafür vorgesehenen. Die Ausführungstechnik Casino beschreibt die Standard-Anwendung von Creativ Lucento 83 mit dem Effektzusatz Creativ Cristallo Je nach. Standardtechnik „Casino“). g Creativ Cristallo auf. 2,5 l Creativ Lucento 83 geben. und gründlich untermischen. Direkt nach Zugabe das Gebinde.

Brillux Lucento Casino -

Leistungsverzeichnis X Nur so viel Material vorlegen, wie innerhalb der verarbeitungsoffenen Zeit bearbeitet werden kann. Creativ Metallico 76 - Effekt-Spachtelmasse mit metallischer Optik. Wandbelag entf. Eine haarrissüberbrückende Beschichtung kann durch vollflächiges Armieren mit z. Es wurden keine passenden Ausschreibungstexte gefunden! Brillux Lucento Casino Standardtechnik „Casino“). g Creativ Cristallo auf. 2,5 l Creativ Lucento 83 geben. und gründlich untermischen. Direkt nach Zugabe das Gebinde. Dekogang: Nach ausreichender Trocknung Creativ Lucento 83 gemischt mit Creativ Cristallo mit der Streichbürste, oval als einzelne Batzen in. Schablone Mini Sim accentuated lighting this creates very beautiful three-dimensional effects in the surface. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Die Ausführungstechnik Concento generiert eine. Eu Referendum Odds interplay between substrate colors. In addition Clever Lotto App application on white substrates, beautiful glazing effects can also be. Version Sasso The Sasso version is additionally allow modeling of the characteristic divided into stone formats. Today this artistic style is frequently used in combination with modern furniture and materials like.

With this technique, even large surfaces can be created efficiently and the surface will have a more. Creativ Sentimento 78 is roughened in the second deco step using a Venetian smoothing.

Relief texture You can design patterned surfaces with Creativ Sentimento 78, with the relief texture in any direction you like.

Depending on the object situation or as required by the customer, you can achieve a horizon-. The compacting step increases the In order to emphasize the gloss of depth effect.

Exposed concrete appearance In interior room design the purist character of concrete surfaces is becoming more and more popular. Wall surfaces with an exposed concrete appearance convey a flair of robustness, thus creating a unique loft character.

The closeness to original exposed concrete is additionally emphasized by the execution of joints. The Creativ Sentimento 78 color chart provides a wide range of concrete colors as well as a neutral gray series for this style of wall design.

As semi-transparent coatings, glazes have a much lower impact on the appearance of the existing substrate than covering coatings. The original character is maintained, at least partly.

The color effect, however, is freshened. In addition to application on white substrates, beautiful glazing effects can also be. The intensity of the glazing effect is influenced by the color contrast between the basecoat and the glaze.

Creativ Viviato 72 in various application techniques The dispersion glaze Creativ Viviato 72 is particularly user-friendly, thanks to its long open time, and is therefore suitable for consistent large-surface design of representative rooms.

With a total of 72 colors,. Glazing technique on brush-on plaster The most common application of Creativ Viviato 72 is in combination with brush-on plasters.

Semitransparent glazes are particularly effective with individually textured substrates. Deeper surface areas appear darker with a more intensive color.

Raised areas are lighter. For this technique glazes are apwhich emphasizes the base texture plied on individual spots and leveled of the brush-on plaster.

The result is a slightly cloudy appearance. This technique is derived from watercolor painting and is used as a multi-colored wiping technique for obtaining uniform color flows.

Glazing technique, cloudy Unlike the classic wiping technique this technique is applied on smooth substrates. The point-bypoint application of the paint and the wiping results in a harmonious surface appearance with a very fine paintbrush texture.

This technique can be applied on white or matching-color substrates. Creativ Classico 50 in various application techniques Creativ Classico 50 is a deco glaze paint which results in interesting depth impressions thanks to the slightly plastic effect of the paint coat.

This effect is particularly stunning on smooth surfaces. If mother-. In all techniques the material is applied with a brush on a matching-color.

Filling technique The characteristic features of this technique are the slightly glazing filling strokes with different color intensity.

These are applied by means of a specially shaped plastic filler knife such that they overlap and have a gentle texture.

This application technique is based on the full-surface application of a deco paint which is then textured with a surface paintbrush or a modeler in overlapping brush strokes.

This technique is characterized by a slight glaze surface with a fine, gentle plastic paintbrush texture. Particolare technique This slightly plastic surface owes its unique appearance to a crease-like texture.

A main color normally forms the basis, but you can also use accent colors. The special texture is obtained by placing, pressing on and then pulling off a foil.

Farfalla technique The Farfalla technique is derived from the filling technique: Significantly greater, overlapping filling strokes on smooth substrates create an enormous depth effect.

Flow technique For harmonious or dynamic surfaces with a directed color flow. In the flow technique various accent colors are used in addition to the main color.

The combination of these colors results in an impressive surface on smooth or textured substrates.

Creativ Vedendo 74, the glazing technique with a contrast effect Creativ Vedendo 74 is the specialist for glaze coatings with a contrast effect.

The light effect particles in the product result in an especially lively, slightly textured surface. The interplay between substrate colors,.

Because the material can also be applied in just one deco step, you can create attractive surfaces efficiently. A second deco step will result in a finer, more homogeneous distribution of the effect particles.

Creativ Vivalin Facade Glaze enables efficient realizations of exterior glazing techniques. However, creative fa-.

In many. This can be on both coated plaster and concrete avoided by using Creativ Vivalin surfaces. Facade Glaze which is specially developed for exterior applications.

Imitating precious natural stone has formed an integral part of the art of room painting since ancient times. Today this artistic style is frequently used in combination with modern furniture and materials like.

Following historic examples, but applied in an efficient way, modern stone imitation techniques achieve the required character.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock which owes its specific color to the embedded minerals. With Creativ Granulato 71 and matching glaze and covering colors, this type of stone can be imitated perfectly.

A very elegant creative technique Then the surfaces are smoothed in which imitates marble surfaces a diagonal direction until they are perfectly.

In this technique Latex harmonious and cohesive. Plastic Matt ELF is applied on a smooth substrate and coated with a tinted dispersion paint wet-in-wet.

Unlike the smooth marble technique, these surfaces have a much more accentuated effect and reconstruct the historic stucco marble technique using modern materials.

Tinted dispersion paints. After drying a nuanced fine-relief dynamic surface is obtained. Slate technique With the slate technique the typical features of natural slate can be realistically modeled.

In the first step Latex Plastic Matt ELF is applied on the whole smooth substrate, then the surface is intensively textured as required using a plastic filler knife.

Then the surface is smoothed again using a metal filler knife. To complete the illusion the relief-like texture is coated after drying with a thin film in slate colors.

Travertine technique Travertine is a limestone with a formats by the skillful arrangement slightly porous surface interspersed of joints.

Final coating with glaze with cavities. A particularly impres- colors produces the typical coloring. It consists of various crystallized materials.

The granite stone technique enables authentic modeling of. The final. Effect techniques show what you techniques imitate known can achieve with dispersion appearances or create their very materials and offer inspiration for own effects.

Whether smooth or textured they are ideal on specific surface areas and make attractive accents in otherwise rather plain room designs.

Ferro Antika technique The perfect imitation of Corten steel The Ferro-Antika technique is also superficially corroded steel. The suitable for large-area application multi-colored, textured build-up is on rust-like surfaces.

Today it is exactly the other way around: The wrapping technique is the higher-quality alternative to industrially produced. By using different coating materials with different textiles such as jute, linen or gloss grades you can create the synthetic materials, individual, lively so-called damask effect.

A piece of cloth is wetted with dispersion paint and then - folded up to form a ball - rolled over the surface. By using.

Multi-color smoothing technique The multi-color smoothing technique is a simpler form of the smooth marble technique.

Dispersion paint one or more colors is applied on a base color wet—inwet and smoothed as required. The combination of intensive colors with pastel or metallic accents is very popular.

The following illustrations provide you with inspiration for developing your own design concepts. Each illus-. Alle Farbtöne wurden im Offsetverfahren gedruckt, deshalb sind Abweichungen zu den Originalfarben möglich.

Freedom of design in new dimensions: creative design techniques with Brillux.. Service wherever you are. Depending on the color direction, they have a very noble effect, conveying a touch of aristocracy, or they shine powerfully, and shimmer and glisten mysteriously.

In addition to the highquality gold- and silver-based pigments, you will obtain a very 6 special depth effect with the effect additive Creativ Cristallo The high wet abrasion resistance class 1 is ideal for designing representative public areas.

Creativ Lucento 83 provides you with a wide spec- trum for creating individual color designs. This technique can be used for obtaining an open or cohesive surface texture image, as required.

Creativ Metallico 76 is available in more than 60 color variants based on the colors silver and gold. As with all other metallic coatings the direction pattern and the interplay between glossy and matt can be 8 emphasized by well-aimed lighting.

The high alkalinity of chalk-based products provides no breeding ground for mold spores. Originally this sophisticated way of surface design was developed in Italy to imitate polished, fine-crystal marble.

The roughness of the texture obtained in this way is now filled completely with Creativ Algantico After final compacting the surfaces will exhibit their finerustic appearance with a changing surface gloss.

The surfaces are highly diffusible and do not provide a breeding ground for mold thanks to their natural alkalinity.

De uitvoeringstechniek Casino is de standaardtechniek voor de toepassing van Creativ Lucento 83 met de effecttoevoeging Creativ Cristallo Afhankelijk van de vormgevingswensen kan er met deze techniek een open of een gesloten tweedimensionaal structuurbeeld worden gerealiseerd.

Deze varianten onderscheiden zich van elkaar in de manier en het moment waarop de uiteindelijke structuur wordt aangebracht. Eerst wordt er met een Microvezel verfroller een laag Creativ Lucento 83 opgebracht in een kleur die is afgestemd op de kleur van de ondergrond.

Hierbij hoeft er niet in een bepaalde richting te worden gerold. Bij deze tweede bewerking worden er met de Borstel, ovaal kleine hoeveelheden materiaal willekeurig over het oppervlak verdeeld en vervolgens glad uitgestreken.

Optioneel kan de afwerking, nadat ze even is uitgedampt, ook nog worden nagestreken met de Borstel Hierdoor ontstaat er een open structuurbeeld.

Mijn Brillux Inloggen. Alle 1. Toepassingen Interieurvormgeving Creatieve technieken Wandafwerkingen met metaaleffecten Metaalstructuurtechniek Casino 4c Stap 1.

Metalleffekttechnik Staccato 4c Metalleffekttechnik Cambiato 4c Metalleffekttechnik Particolare 4c Rakeltechnik 3c Farbfächer Creativ Metallische Wandgestaltung.

Von zurückhaltendem, edlem Glanz bis zu dreidimensionalen Effekten: Wandgestaltung mit metallischen. Creativ Lucento 83 in the Casino Application Technique, color shade Mein Brillux.

Brillux Farben besitzen eine hervorragende Qualität. Dank der hohen Deckkraft bedeutet dies eine Zeit- und Kostenersparnis für Sie.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir nur innerhalb Deutschlands versenden. Die Versandkosten betragen 9,95 Euro. Ab Euro Warenwert ist der Einkauf für Sie.

Creativ Lucento 83 Durable decorative effect paint with metallic surface appearance. Applying Creativ Cristallo creates a special, gently structured surface effect with a three-dimensional depth effect.

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Toepassingen Interieurvormgeving Creatieve technieken Wandafwerkingen met metaaleffecten Metaalstructuurtechniek Casino 4c Stap 1.

Stap 2. Voor de tweede bewerking wordt Creativ Cristallo toegevoegd aan Creativ Lucento Stap 3. Stap 4. Stap 5.

De Metaalstructuurtechniek Casino behoort momenteel tot de populairste creatieve technieken. Creativ Lucento 83 Deco-effectverf op acrylaatbasis, schrobvastheid klasse 1,..

Creativ Cristallo Minerale, translucente effecttoevoeging voor Creativ.. Superlux ELF Oplosmiddel- en weekmakersvrij, stompmat, wit, trendwit of..

Beitskwast, ovaal Lichte chinaborstel, in bundels gevulkaniseerd, houten..

Brillux Lucento Casino

Laibungen an Öffnungen und Nischen wie vor beschrieben behandeln. Weitere Deutsch Texas Holdem Poker dieses Users. Lagerung Kühl und frostfrei. Effizientes Beschichten - Ratiospray Die Untergrundsaugfähigkeit Stargames## Zusammenhang mit dem gesamten Aufbau, der Auftragsmenge und der Anzahl der Farbaufträge sowie der jeweiligen Struktur des Untergrundes sind entscheidend für den Oberflächeneffekt und die Farbtonwiedergabe. Leimfarbe gründlich abwaschen.

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Lucento 83

Brillux Lucento Casino Video

Abwechslungsreiche Stucco-Technik - Algantico 70 Laibungen an Öffnungen und Nischen wie vor beschrieben behandeln. Leistungsverzeichnis ohne Menge und Preis. Geruchsarm, haftfest, strapazierfähig, mit metallischer Oberflächenoptik. Angebotsaufforderung X Farbton: transparent Werkstoff: spezielle Mischung aus hochwertigen, reinen mineralischen Füllperlen mit homogener und glatter Oberfläche. Metallstrukturtechnik Casino. Gipskarton oder Faserplatten, sollten zusätzlich mit CreaGlas Gewebe. Nicht tragfähige und ungeeignete Beschichtungen sowie Wandbeläge inkl. Nicht bei direkter Sonneneinstrahlung verarbeiten. Aufgrund der Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Strukturuntergründe und den individuellen Pf Meaning empfehlen wir im Vorfeld Musterflächen anzulegen. Zurück Senden. Kontakt mit Weichmachern vermeiden Creativ Lucento 83 nicht in Kontakt mit weichmacherhaltigen Kunststoffen, z. Es wurden keine passenden Ausschreibungstexte gefunden! Creativ Viviato Berechnung Steuerlast - Spiel Okay und Lasurtechniken mit Dispersion. Brillux Lucento Casino Fabrikat: Brillux. Weitere Magazine dieses Users. Kooperationspartner: bote. Leimfarbe, nicht wasserfeste Beschichtung entfernen. Kontakt mit Weichmachern vermeiden Creativ Lucento 83 nicht Spiel Deutschland England Kontakt mit weichmacherhaltigen Kunststoffen, z. Metallstrukturtechnik — Traverso 4c11, unter Zugabe von Creativ Cristallo 1 83 für metallischchangierende Oberflächen mit richtungsbetontem Strukturverlauf auf glattem Untergrund. Change language. Jetzt Yumpu testen! Nicht tragfähige und ungeeignete Beschichtungen sowie Wandbeläge inkl.


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